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From: Dave Rickey

>> It's just a shame it goes nowhere.

> They're still working on it.  The 40th+ stages of the "Epics" are
> just going in.

I was refering to how the story might develop to affect the game.
If for example the epic Nuada's Silver quest in Hibernia is used to
open up a new portion of the silver mines, as it hints that it may,
here is a perfect opportunity to push the story forward: at the very
least an introduction of a new zone that is orangic, and not just
pasted on.  At the best, actually ongoing story that can provide a
backdrop for new and more varied gameplay.

>> I expect the additional content we the players are now hearing
>> about will be more of the same, and aimed at the same subset of
>> the potential audience.  They've not done or said anything to the
>> contrary.

> Don't take my assertion as any indication of the future direction
> of DAoC content development.

Actually in this case I was basing my assumptions more on the type
of content created up to now, and public announcements elsewhere,
rather than your statements.

> For starters, I'm not that important.

Sorry to hear that.  And for the record yours is my favorite
tradeskill system to date.

> We're approaching the limits of the "Loot and Level" paradigm in a
> fantasy setting.

Absolutely.  And I know others disagree with me, but I think the
market is getting tired, too.

> A Sci-Fi version that didn't have serious technical problems could
> still double the market, though.

Let's not forget post-apocalyptic.  Sigh.  Actually I'd really like
to get away from SF and P-A as much as I want to put aside Tolkien
D&D for awhile.

> Anyway, "Loot and Level" isn't very promising as an avenue for
> "Game as story", anyway.  The things you have to do to protect the
> integrity of the levelling process get in the way.

To a certain extent I agree, "Loot and Level" certainly presents a
greater challenge.  I understand the leveling issues.  But there are
a number of ways to integrate them that haven't been tried.


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