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From: Freeman, Jeff

I'm not sure pursuing this is fruitful, but there was one more
assumption I wanted to correct...

>>> There are no professional storytellers in this medium.

>>  Sorry, that's simply untrue.  Forgetting me for the moment, they
>>  are certainly few and far between in MMOs.  It is a distinctly
>>  daunting challenge for many writers.  There are some: I worked
>>  with the Miller Bros.  of MYST fame recently on an MMO; Mark
>>  Barrett is known mostly for solo games, but he did some writing
>>  for me on an MMO; the writer of the original AC story was a
>>  professional.  I think Raph is one.  Have you read any of his
>>  stories?  He fits the hyphenate label.

> I stand corrected.

> Are you withdrawing your assertion that the reason stories in
> games have been met with apathy from the users is due to the lack
> of "professionals", then?

I think if you do the math you'll see that this handful, plus a few
more, are a drop in a bucket filled with hundreds (thousands?) of
people writing for games.  I was simply responded to your original
assertion that there were none.

> It's what I meant to say.  I doubt you agree with me though, mere
> plebeian that I am.

Oh, and what makes this most unpleasant is the way you continue to
put yourself down, as if I'd said the words "stupid," "lazy," now
"mere plebian."  For some reason you insist on putting more personal
animosity into my posts than I intend, and then taking what you
create yourself personally.  I enjoy debate.  I don't see any
worthwhile debate here.


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