[MUD-Dev] Asheron's Call, Story and Population Density.

Lee Sheldon linearno at gte.net
Mon Dec 3 12:41:40 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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From: Zak Jarvis

> I would like to point out that while I found the 'active' story a
> bit boring, much of the backstory which was used to support that
> was some of the finest game fiction I've read. Actually, *the*
> finest. It's not uniformly great, and it tapered off over time,
> but there is some really *good* stuff supporting their events.

Actually, since you're qualifying it as the finest "game fiction,"
I'm not sure I can disagree.  It didn't involve me, but now we're
into matters of personal taste, and some people will always like
meat more than fish.  :)

> They also did more than I've seen with other large, commercial
> games to make the outcome of stories have *something* to do with
> the players.

Again, since you qualify it ("other, large commercial games"), I
really can't disagree here either, damn it.


Not because it wasn't interesting, but simply because I don't have
an informed-enough opinion to comment.  Nice to hear from you,
Zak. :)


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