[MUD-Dev] Interesting DAoC Poll

Lee Sheldon linearno at gte.net
Tue Dec 4 11:14:07 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

>From Camelot Realm http://daoc.crgaming.com/:

  What are you most waiting for in DAoC right now?

  Realm Point Reward System                 2218  32.64%
  More Quests & Magical Items               2184  32.14%
  More Tradeskills and Player Made Items    1174  17.28%
  More Character & NPC Models/Looks         1219  17.94%

I wouldn't have divided the choices quite like this, but you could
view this as nearly a dead heat between RvR and storytelling
(quests).  I would have expected, and I suspect so would Mythic,
that quests would lag far behind RvR.  Of course 99% of the 32.14%
may only want more magical items. ;-) Still, I thought it was


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