[MUD-Dev] Interesting DAoC Poll

Vincent Archer archer at frmug.org
Wed Dec 5 12:18:18 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

According to Lee Sheldon:

> From Camelot Realm http://daoc.crgaming.com/:
>   What are you most waiting for in DAoC right now?
>   Realm Point Reward System                 2218  32.64%
>   More Quests & Magical Items               2184  32.14%
>   More Tradeskills and Player Made Items    1174  17.28%
>   More Character & NPC Models/Looks         1219  17.94%

> I wouldn't have divided the choices quite like this, but you could
> view this as nearly a dead heat between RvR and storytelling
> (quests).  I would have expected, and I suspect so would Mythic,
> that quests would lag far behind RvR.  Of course 99% of the 32.14%
> may only want more magical items. ;-) Still, I thought it was
> suggestive.


Judging by the (non-representative, but highly vocal) crowd at
VNboards a rather high proportion of the people are approching Dark
Age of Camelot as a primarily PvE game, and are not "really"
interested in the PvP aspects. They clamor for more content, more
content, more content (quests, items, and sometimes areas), and
don't care much about RvRc$.

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