[MUD-Dev] Story Implementation

Veynom veynom at swcombine.com
Wed Dec 5 19:08:51 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Well, I am quite new to this list but not totally new in the MUD

I am the creator/conceptor whatever of the SW Combine -
www.swcombine.com - a kind of MUD or a sim (mixing RPG & war-game)
under development.

We have an alternate theory for the story implementation. Do not
create quests. Instead, create a world with different groups. Allow
people to join whatever group (good or bad, no AI here) and/or to do
whatever kind of role they want.

Give them the tools to manage their group at every level and done,
human nature being what it is, you have a world with a
self-generating plot.  Some will want to conquer, other to get
richer, others to protect, ...

I won/t make it longer for a first time. And I hope I did not repeat
something already said.

Questions, comments, contact me.

PS: we could still use volunteers to help us (Java, php, VB).

Sim Master of the Star Wars Combine
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