[MUD-Dev] DGN: Chemistry based magic systems

Bryan Bryan
Thu Dec 6 15:42:04 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

rayzam [rayzam at home.com] said:


> This system will include needing to use the right minerals to
> allow specific enchantments on created equipment. Want to make it
> fire resistant, you need to make it with a material that will be
> able to absorb a spell of fire resistance. The amount of
> resistance is determined by the quality of the mineral, the amount
> of it in the final piece of equipment, the skill of the crafter,
> and the skill of the spellcaster.

I really like the idea of using spells at creation time to embue
equiptment with magical properties.  I can imagine that blacksmiths
might want to work with mages and split profits on cool stuff.

> The system also will work for potions, though it'll interact with
> a plant server/herbology, and the plants will have the larger
> impact. If people are interested, I can describe it in more detail
> when its completed, privately or on list.

I'd be very interested in hearing some details of how you determine
properties for potions.

> So it's not a magic system as in a spell. But I did start
> designing the mineral and material system, with the idea of taking
> the properties of the minerals and creating a series of rules
> about it. Then it becomes easy to add more minerals into the
> system, or even make some new ones up not found on Earth ;) It
> adds a great diversity, and the ability to play with
> substitutions: Well this mineral is in the same class, with a
> slightly higher specific gravity, I hope it comes out okay.

What kind of rules are you planning on using?

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