[MUD-Dev] [STORY] Story and population size

Bryan Bryan
Thu Dec 6 16:07:09 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Dave Rickey [daver at mythicentertainment.com] said:

> With a population that varies from 500 to 3000, divided into three
> realms, and further divided between 4 trades, that works out to
> 8-48 people online at a time you might do business with.  However,
> the chances of someone wanting to buy something, and being unable
> to find *anyone* prepared to sell it to him, is extremely high,
> especially off-peak.

Couldn't this be remedied by having a system where crafters can
create goods and leave them for sale even when they are not online.
Perhaps they could hire an NPC clerk to sell their equipment.  As
far as players specifically requesting custom equipment, a buyer
could leave a note for a craftsman.  The craftsman could send the
buyer notes back or go ahead and make the equipment.  Then they
could instruct their clerk NPC to sell the item to the specific
buyer for X credits.

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