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>> Which creates a nasty Catch-22: I have to reduce the barriers
>> between buyer and seller, up to and including offline trading.
>> But if I lower them *too* far, the market is too efficient, and
>> no-one actually makes any money.

> That you have to manage artificially you economy with barriers
> between buyers and seller should set off all kinds of warning
> bells that your economy is fundatmentally unsound.  What you are
> really saying is that DAoC has such potential for overproduction
> that you must restrict the ability of players to interact in order
> to artificially manage supply to keep demand (and prices)
> inflated.

> The Catch-22 is a entriely your own creation.

Unfortunately, it is not, it's because this is not a real world I'm
dealing with.  Setting up a buyer-seller in the real world has a
whole host of overhead costs, and is complex enough that we have a
special term for it: Business Model.

In a game, any tools we create to assist creating those channels
pre-empt any "natural" business models that might emerge.  It's not
a matter of *restricting* their ability to interact, it's what
artifical means I give them to *bypass* interacting.


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