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> I suppose I'm asking many more questions, due to the series of
> ideas I have percolating around. This line of thought comes also
> from the thread about game as story vs story told in game. Perhaps
> this would be an intermediary between The Sims and The Longest
> Journey.

My one complaint, and I guess I shouldn't be surprised, is that when
I try to drag the discussion down out of the stratosphere of theory,
and pin people down with some facts, the result is silence.  If
nobody can defend concepts like "content generation is too hard" why
do the concepts continue to pop up time and time again?  Please keep
asking the questions!  Please keep poking at that behind attached to
the head in the sand.  Eventually the head might pop out, blink, and
look around at the new horizons.  Or conversely it could gobble you
up, too, I suppose... ;-)

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