[MUD-Dev] [STORY] Story and population size

Michael Tresca talien at toast.net
Mon Dec 10 20:17:38 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Matt Mihaly posted on Thursday, December 06, 2001 3:17 PM

> Erm, you make it sound as if people haven't been taking those
> steps for the past 20+ years. It's not as if someone woke up in
> 1975 and said "Hey, there are no online multiplayer games
> around. Let's go whole-hog and make a 3d graphical one!" There's
> 20+ years of history in the MUD industry.

I'm shocked by the number of MMORPGs who make the same mistakes MUDs
made.  In theory, it's so simple: ask the administrators of other
games what they do to overcome their problems.  Hell, pay them $100
for the advice.

I'm not talking about theoretics here.  I'm talking about MUDs that
have been around for a long time, that have loyal playerbases, that
obviously "work."

Instead, I've watched MMORPGs have massive fits as they deal with
player-killing, monster repopulation, role-playing, harassment,
economy, etc. -- all issues MUDs have dealt with.  MUDs were first.
They made all those mistakes.  Some have found solutions (or at
least, better solutions than those displayed in the MMORPGs).

Alas, I suspect the attitude that MMORPGs are substantially
different than MUDs prohibits open inquiry.

Mike "Talien" Tresca
RetroMUD Administrator

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