[MUD-Dev] Interesting DAoC Poll

Azeraab azeraab at dies-irae.org
Tue Dec 11 02:42:17 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

> From: Vincent Archer <archer at frmug.org> 

>>   Realm Point Reward System                 2218  32.64%
>>   More Quests & Magical Items               2184  32.14%
>>   More Tradeskills and Player Made Items    1174  17.28%
>>   More Character & NPC Models/Looks         1219  17.94%

> Judging by the (non-representative, but highly vocal) crowd at
> VNboards a rather high proportion of the people are approching
> Dark Age of Camelot as a primarily PvE game, and are not "really"
> interested in the PvP aspects. They clamor for more content, more
> content, more content (quests, items, and sometimes areas), and
> don't care much about RvRc$.

This is probably because of the main aspects of DaoC (PvE, Questing,
Tradeskills, RvR) PvE is the only one that seems to be close to
completed and/or well thought out.

Quests are done fairly well, but they begin to dry up after about
level 25 to the point where a player who quests quite a bit might
spend 1% of his time questing.

Tradeskills seem to be nothing more than a money sink for those
optimists who believe someday player crafted gear might be as good
as magical monster drops.

RvR poorly implemented, it feels untested and thrown together.  DaoC
violates at least 7 of the 10 of the rules for viable pvp system.
Most of the keeps are indefensible and guard nothing.  To spend 20+
minutes traveling to the nearest bindpoint to the enemy frontier is
another barrier to getting people involved.

I dont blame people for not being interested in a PvP game where u
can be killed in 1 hit by someone you never see, or spend the entire
battle unable to move or fight because mezmerize spells are
virtually unresistable, and dont even break when you are being hit.

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