[MUD-Dev] Managing MUD economy

Vladimir Prelovac tomcat at galeb.etf.bg.ac.yu
Tue Dec 11 19:32:04 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

I want to hear some of your opinions or practical ideas for this problem. 

How can one manage economy on a simple, level based MUD? Setup is as

  Some mobs carry money. Some mobs carry equipment. Players can sell
  equipment for money. Question is how can you combine all this into
  a playable economy? The problem is that mobs respawn together with
  their eqipment which can be again sold. The second problem is how
  much should level 30 equipment cost compared to level 5
  equipment. If the formula is linear then level 5 player can easily
  buy a level 30 item which shouldn't be the case. If the formula is
  exponetional then higher level players could make huge amounts of
  money as they progress, and a huge difference would occur between
  lower and higher level players (for example higher level player
  could give 10000 coins to a low level friend - nothing for the
  player but a unimaginably huge sum in the eyes of a friend).

As a coder you have the control which mobs will carry money and how
much.  Some mobs will carry equipment but you can not interfere much
there, it is area builders question. The best you can do it decide
how much the equipment will cost (based on mob level). You have
complete control over shops - their bussiness and profit ratio. You
can make custom expenses for the players.

I am not looking for a in-depth theoretical discussion, I merely
want some practical advice.


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