[MUD-Dev] RE: Managing MUD economy

opteek opteek at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 12 05:44:20 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

> From: "Vladimir Prelovac"

> How can one manage economy on a simple, level based MUD? Setup is
> as following.
Basically, what I think works best is when higher level items aren't
sellable to shopkeepers and such.  Simple really, Erwin the
Weaponsmith is a peasant and likely wont be able to afford the
mighty Mijolith hammer or some other rare artifact.

Large financial transactions are therefore limited to
player/player. Money can be obtainted from mobs, the higher level
mobs having more money. Now to avoid the inflation and such you will
simply need something that the higher level players can waste their
money on, something they need.

On one mud I play on, there are flares sold in a far off city that
give you the spell 'sanctuary'. These flares go at 15 thousand a
pop. I would say the average player spends about 900 thousand coins
a week (Realtime) on these flares. This effectively balances out the
cash on the mud.

Also, since last wipe, gold has been made harder to obtain (ie. less
gold on bigger mobs), thus making it very effective in trade.

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