[MUD-Dev] Managing MUD economy

Koster Koster
Wed Dec 12 08:35:49 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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> From: Vladimir Prelovac
> I want to hear some of your opinions or practical ideas for this
> problem.
> How can one manage economy on a simple, level based MUD? Setup is
> as following.


> I am not looking for a in-depth theoretical discussion, I merely
> want some practical advice.

Have lots of drains.

  - Make darn near every item break. This may mean getting away from
  unique items and items you can only obtain once. If you're going
  to have items you can only obtain once, make sure they are divided
  by class/profession/whatever (eg, only useful to a subset) and
  then make sure *everyone* obtains them so that there are usually
  some available. Of course, then you also need to guarantee an
  influx of newbies. ;)

  - make various necessary activities, such as spellcasting, have
  costs to them. Rent (as in, a fixed cost drained over real time
  from your game bank account based on what items your character
  possessed), largely abandoned a few years back because it was
  onerous, was an excellent one. It scaled in cost as the character
  rose in level.

  - have big expensive useless things on which to spend money. In
  other words, support discretionary spending. Things like in-game
  player houses, titles, restrung items, etc, make for great money
  sinks that do not affect the player's power level much (which is
  your main concern).

  - have catastrophic loss. In other words, deathtraps can indeed be
  your economic friend. :)

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