[MUD-Dev] Economic Growth (Was: [STORY] Story and population size)

Travis Nixon tnixon at avalanchesoftware.com
Wed Dec 12 13:35:01 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

From: "Koster, Raph" <rkoster at soe.sony.com>

<clipped a bunch of stuff>

> I've been there--UO's NPCs tracked demand for goods, adjusted
> prices accordingly, refused to buy stuff when there was no demand,
> they could run out of money (though we replenished them
> artificially), etc. Players were actively pissed off because they
> had created a glut of *everything* obtainable from spawns or
> crafting. And the entire market fell into depression because there
> was a surfeit of goods nobody wanted.

I know you haven't had a chance to read my other reply, since I just
sent it, but I'm going to repeat it anyway.



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