[MUD-Dev] Economic Growth (Was: [STORY] Story and population size)

Koster Koster
Wed Dec 12 15:15:42 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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> From: Travis Nixon

> I would think the idea would be to make NPCs better, not to get
> rid of them altogether.  Take them away and then you truly have a
> distorted view of the world.  Feudal systems with no peasants,
> only lords and ladies.  Republics with no citizens, only
> presidents and senators.
> Seems rather silly to me.

Ah, but the goal isn't an undistorted view of the world. Who cares
if the world mimics telephone sanitizers? The goal is an undistorted
economy. And for that, you don't need every good and transaction to
be modeled. You just need an economy where there isn't this goofy
external variable propping up the prices of completely useless

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