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Koster Koster
Wed Dec 12 15:21:49 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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> From: Travis Casey

> And now for some semi-insane, possibly demented, quite probably
> unworkable, ideas:


>  - Have different classes advance in different ways.  For example,
>  in the paper RPGs Bushido and Fantasy Wargaming, there are
>  multiple types of experience points.  Killing things gets XP that
>  can raise your level as a warrior; doing magic gets XP that can
>  raise your level as a wizard; and so on.
> This leads to the question: What should smiths, tailors,
> merchants, etc. get their "type" of XP for?  Here's more
> semi-insane answers:
>  - Questing.  You could have smith's quests, tailor's quests,
>  whatever's quests.[snip] - Use.  Imagine a smith getting XP every
>  time someone uses one of his/her swords to kill something. [snip]

>  - Sales.  Take the old D&D viewpoint -- you get XP for making money.[snip]

This is how SWG's advancement works, in fact. A bunch of XP types,
and we've got a few more things that grant XP beyond the three you
listed. You pay the earned XP to purchase a skill box

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