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Bryan Bryan
Wed Dec 12 17:34:45 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

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> From: Vladimir Prelovac

> I want to hear some of your opinions or practical ideas for this
> problem.

> How can one manage economy on a simple, level based MUD? Setup is
> as following.


I think this is an excellent thread.  Since I started thoroughly
reading the archives I have been reading tons of theory about
creating a working MUD economy.  What I haven't really seen is some
practical discussion about how to actually set up the economy.

>From what I gather, a true economy must be created by never creating
items and/or gold out of thin air.  Can someone who has worked with
an economy like this give me some more explanation.  Upon MUD
creation do you just create a pool of gold to use?  What do you do
when you want to create a new area? Does the creation of items and
money throw off the economy?

I have also heard things like an immortal must participate in the
economy to gain money to spend on making equipment.  Am I
misinterpreting that idea?

Basically, I'd like practical details of how to do a realistic
economy where gold is not created out of thin air.  Inflation should
be minimal.  Players can trade with each other and stores.  All
stores are player run. Thanks.

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