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Thu Dec 13 16:35:05 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

.oOo. Michael Tresca (talien at toast.net) wrote:

> This is the same problem very large companies have with managing
> people.  You cannot manage a company of 300,000 employees -- you
> HAVE to break it up into smaller groups so those people feel they
> belong to something.  In essence, treat the large company as a
> conglomerate of smaller companies.  Heck, people do this on
> MMORPGs when left to their own devices: they create their own
> clans with more detail than some MUDs out there.

IIRC this was sort of one of the topics at one of the MUD-Dev
dinners. Someone had said that after 250 players the
self-segregation of the player base begins to increase
dramatically. It would be nice to see some numbers on this sort of
thing. Though the number of variables is staggering.

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