[MUD-Dev] Managing MUD economy

Vladimir Prelovac tomcat at galeb.etf.bg.ac.yu
Thu Dec 13 16:53:00 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Ok, the ideas so far dealt pretty good with the first problem -
constant generation of money on MUD via mob respawning. The best
drains are those that are inevitable.

  1. Equipment gets damaged and eventually worn out due constant
  usage. For example sword and armor from combat or boots from
  walking. Player needs to repair them or suffer consequences -
  lower armor value for a worn out armor, lower damage with a
  blunted sword - or ultimetaly the loss of item (armor torn apart,
  sword broken). Items can be repaired at a blacksmith but it is
  better to have them repaired at shops. It is not that unreasonable
  to have weaponsmith repair a sword and that would secure return of
  cash to shops.

  2. Rent. As Raph mentioned this concept is largely abandoned but
  was a very fine concept economic-wise. Only it was very
  frustrating to lose items if you couldn't afford the rent, and
  that scared the players away. If only it could be remade with some
  different logic...?

  3. Useful things everyone wants to buy. Scroll of recall or scroll
  of identify. Sanctuary potion. The problem is that their price is
  fixed and demand is equal through levels which means high level
  players will lose only a small percantage of their money to obtain
  such items.

  4. Spend money on activities (the more inevitable the better). For
  example if you want to learn a new skill you have to spend money
  (more money for the higher level skill). Donations (donate money
  to your temple to have your faith increase). Fees (Clan membership
  fee, player house fee).

  5. ...?

But the second question still remains unsolved. The cost of level 30
item compared to cost of level 5 item. We do not want newbies to be
able to buy it very easily, yet we do not want it to be too costly
so if you sell thousands of various items you gain enourmous
quantites of money.

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