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>>> You certainly aren't going to be modelling a trade opportunity
>>> in lesser kysk if you can't import berry wine from foreign
>>> climbs.

>> If there are no foreign climes because travel is easy, then
>> everyone will do it constantly, levelling away any
>> differences. :) I don't see any way around the fact that if you
>> want caravans, travel has to be difficult and carry a risk of
>> economic loss. Then you have to localize, as you say, production
>> of particular goods.

>> Now, if what you're talking about the Elite-style model where you
>> have distinct locations each with a produced good or two and an
>> artificial shortage or two, sure, you can do that. Just remember
>> that the game in Elite and its ilk was making it through the space
>> sector without getting blown up.

> There needs to be distinction between player travel and bulk
> shipments of goods. Just as in the modern world, I can hop on a
> train and get to the other side of the UK in short order. If
> however I want to move 3 tonnes of perishables, its a tad
> harder. A lot of the problems you mention with this type of system
> seem to be predicated on assumptions that have so far been part of
> these games.

In fact, though, some of the goods I want to localize can be
transported in meaningful amounts by one person, e.g. gems or
potions.  We really want to allow some forms of instant
transportation, so we're thinking implementing some affinity on
items whereby they magically return to their original location when
the teleporter returns, or are not tradable to others, or something
along those lines.  Of course, we also have to add an easy way for
others to see that the items are 'affined', so they can know not to
buy them.

> The volatility I speak of is when you introduce them, I don't
> believe it will persist although prices will drop globally by
> about 50% I imagine.

That's an important detail to note - the volatility doesn't apply at
all to games that have player controlled vendors at release time,
and is a one time only thing when it is introduced in a running


> Now I realise this is starting to sound more like civilisation 3
> than a mud, but thats the point. Muds suck at this type of thing
> and until this changes that will continue. None of these ideas are
> intrinsically complicated, however they will interact and exhibit
> more complex behaviour. The only risk is if one forgets to model
> an essential mechanism ;) (what have I missed lol?)

In fact we plan to support everything you list here except multiple
currencies.  Farming, mining, and making every item useful for
something other than funny looking currency is already partially
implemented.  We should have notes up soon (in less than a month,
that's soon on our development schedule :) on the customer web site
about what we plan to support with regards to crafting, mining,
farming, etc.

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