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Mon Dec 17 01:36:26 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

On Fri, 14 Dec 2001, Michael Tresca wrote:
> Matt Mihaly posted on Thursday, December 13, 2001 12:17 AM
>> I'd have to disagree here, unfortunately. Pandering to the lowest
>> common denominator brings in the most money in almost every case,
>> from movies to games to hotels to restaurants.
> You are right, of course.  But isn't this a horrible statement
> about the industry?

Well, I think it's just a statement really. I don't think it's
horrible. I mean, do you have to care that Everquest is out there if
you're doing a small commercial game? Not really. Everquest's
existence has little effect on Achaea as far as I know. It might
even have a net small positive effect, by bringing people into
contact with graphical MUDs, and then some small percentage of them,
from there, progress into text MUDs.

Using film (sorry) again, as an example, there'd almost certainly be
less of a market for quality films if you didn't have the Hollywood
dreck out there. Almost all the friends I have that are into film
slowly progressed through their younger lives from blockbuster
nonsense to good stuff.

> I shudder to think of all the hard work going into these beautiful
> games.  It's like letting a herd of bulls loose in a china shop --
> for every respectful bull that will not tip over teapot, there's
> thirty more that will smash it to bits, light the store on fire,
> pee on the fire to put it out, and then say "This store sucks, I
> was able to set it on fire!"

Chuckle, too true.


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