[MUD-Dev] LPC-Natural Language Parser

z032383 at students.niu.edu z032383 at students.niu.edu
Tue Dec 18 20:02:34 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

I've created a working language parser coded in LPC. It's not
finished, but I don't plan on finishing it either because I've lost
interest in coding my mud. =) It works for the most part, although I
never finished coding all of the things I would have liked, but I've
made it available for download so that others can use it as a
blueprint for their own parser, or just as an example of complex

I set up a shoddy website at www.geocities.com/malice_ryan Feel free
to download it and try it out. I'm available for questions or
comments at ryan.p at excite.com or rpfeiffe at niu.edu.
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