[MUD-Dev] MUD implementation issues.

Bruce Mitchener bruce at puremagic.com
Wed Dec 19 04:09:31 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Marcus Johansson wrote:
> Bruce Mitchener wrote:

>> I saw that others have already pointed you towards a site that
>> I've started.  I hope that you'll find things there that interest
>> you and to which you may want to contribute.

> I certainly did, it mentions many of the technical aspects I was
> looking for.

Great, while it is constantly growing, it still has a long ways to
go (in my mind), but I'm happy to hear that it was useful to you in
its current state.

> It sure was quite unstructured, I'll try to explain what I'm
> looking for.

> Still in most MUDs today I have a feeling that wherever in a MUD
> game you current are, you are IN a room, not on a specific
> position within it. A year ago or something I came to think about
> combining the MUD concept with that of the first-person action
> shooters. In those games your characters state and options are not
> so much controlled by the room you happen to be in as by the
> physical coordinate of it. If we apply a coordinate system to a
> MUD room we could type:

Well, since you last likely visited, I had dumped some URLs that I
had floating around that pointed into prior discussions of this
topic in the MUD-Dev archives:


Some summarization and extraction of major points from that set of
threads is really needed.  Also, a collection of pointers to some
spatial data structure stuff was added:


I'm sure that those lists are both missing things, so feel free to
add to them.  I've some ideas that I don't think have really been
discussed on mud-dev before that've come out of some of my current
reading.  I'll try to write about them sometime this week.  (But
overall, acknowledging relationships between objects, both symbolic
and physical, need not require coordinate data if you're just
working with a textual representation.)

There's also the prox system (from Skotos), which I don't readily
have a pointer for.

I'm not really sure who's implemented what in this area that can
demonstrate their ideas in working and accessible code.  Hopefully
they'll pop up. :)

  - Bruce

PS. If you'd like to be notified of additions to Agora, you can
register and then sign up on the WebNotify page (linked from the
main page and others).  I'll also be setting up a mailing list in
the future for that purpose.

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