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From: "Andrew Hefford" <andrew.hefford at coregen.net>
>> From: Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com

>> The other fundamental problem with trade skills is the bottom
>> heavy approach of the products, both newbie craftsmen and masters
>> can produce the cheap items. As a game progresses the production
>> capacity become more and more inverted to the wealth/level of the
>> player population. How does one make starting off as a trader
>> viable in this situation?

It seems to me that the solution to this is easy: make crafting take
some not insignificant amount of time, regardless of skill level.
The time of the master is much more valuable, so he won't build the
trivial items.

The complication to this (it's no fun to sit in front of your PC
while your character crafts an item) is taken care of in Cosm by
allowing the players to script offline behavior.  So a crafter's
online time is spent gathering goods and looking for those few
special raw materials he needs, doing social interaction, etc. and
setting up his tasks to be performed offline.  The next time he logs
in (or looks at a hypothetical post-release Cosm web page), he can
see what items he's made, on what tasks he has failed, etc.

Bobby Martin
Cosm Development Team

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