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Nathan F. Yospe yospe at kanga.nu
Wed Dec 19 21:48:04 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

"James C. Nugen" <jnugen at columbus.rr.com> said:

> While we are mentioning interesting languages, I recently found
> this one:

>   http://www.mozart-oz.org/

> Looks like it might be useful for writing a NPC/AI system.

Not sure about that, but I have tested it with a Tk interface for
MacOS X (10.1.1, using Tk 8.4a4-1 MacOS X snapshot) and found the
language a nice evolution of Oz...

I'm toying with the idea of building a MATLAB-like library (Mogul
needs to have *something* in math beyond CoSIE) at this moment, I
happen to need a MATLAB replacement that'll work on a mac running OS
X, and so far, Mozart and some Tk graphing tools looks likely.


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