[MUD-Dev] non-'realistic' spatial models

Nicholas E. Walker new at gnu.org
Thu Dec 20 02:18:02 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

There is a lot of discussion on rooms vs. coordinate systems and
related topics.  This focuses on how best to model our reality in a
game.  I am interested in different types of spaces.  I am less
interested in 'fake reality' than I am in intuitive and interesting
spaces to explore.

As an open question to the list: has anybody done anything that does
not attempt to be 'real'?  Surreal, abstract, fractal spaces, and
anything else not 'real' qualifies.

Isn't it more interesting to experience a type of space that we
cannot experience in daily life, instead of getting frustrated with
the limits on how we can experience the fake reality of the MUD?
Maybe I'm looking for a MUD that accepts the fact that it is a MUD,
a computer program--instead of some crude model of reality.

Nicholas E. Walker <new at gnu.org>

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