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> I guess if I was being completely honest, I find websites with
> quest info on them annoying on a gut level. I really would prefer
> players learn them by talking directly to other players rather
> than going to some impersonal website.

I think there are many bad things about quest spoilers.

  1. Quests become work:

    Everyone likes to get items that help their character perform
    better.  So you go to the quest list on some web site, look up
    all the quests you could possibly do by yourself or with a
    group.  You make a shopping list believing you WILL get all
    these items.  At this point all it becomes is tedious work.  You
    already know what to do, you know where to go and you know whats
    going to happen.  The only surprise left is what a certain NPC
    might look like, even that may be spoiled.  Also you get
    frustrated doing the quest because the spoiler says the spawn is
    RIGHT here and in reality its not. The player should know they
    are getting themselves into this, but why should it be this way

  2. It's almost necessary to have an item

    Since everyone can figure out how to do these quests easily by
    checking them online, that means more people will have this
    item.  Which depending on the game, makes the item almost
    necessary for anyone else who can use it (PvP).

Personally not only do I hate quest spoilers being posted I also
hate items, spells, armor, maps etc.. being posted.  The bad thing
is if people keep doing all this spreading of information the
companies that develop these games are going to come to rely on that
as their form of 'documentation' for the game, even though they will
say they do not endorse those sites at all.  Why should players have
to guess at what certain attributes or pluses to skills actually
benefit you when it should be the developer's job to tell you that

I just wish there were a way to prevent all this information being
posted about games, but there never will be.  And it really ruins
all the games and you cannot just avoid the web sites because
everyone else uses them which then makes it a competitive thing and
you almost have to use the sites just to keep up with the other
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