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Timothy Dang tdang at U.Arizona.EDU
Thu Dec 20 12:15:19 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Vladimir Prelovac wrote:

> But the second question still remains unsolved. The cost of level
> 30 item compared to cost of level 5 item. We do not want newbies
> to be able to buy it very easily, yet we do not want it to be too
> costly so if you sell thousands of various items you gain
> enourmous quantites of money.

Just a suggestion, which may be inappropriate for your game. You
could sell some of the items to the players via occasional
auctions. Competition can do wonders to get the last bit of money
out of people. Imagine you're a level 30 player who needs to get new
items from time to time. 100gp may not be worth all that much to you
in and of itself, but in an auction it could make the difference
between winning an item for 135,600gp and not winning with a bid of

I don't know if this has been shown to work. I recall that UO
introduced auctions for primarily cosmetic items, and I gather they
were fun and an effective money sink, but too labor-intensive for
the GMs. I expect the labor-intensive part can be solved.

In more general terms, inter-player competition should be usable to
help control money in a lot of ways. If players are trying to kill
each other, and there's a way they can spend money to kill or avoid
being killed more effectively, competition will tend to drive them
to spend a lot of money this way.

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