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Fri Dec 21 01:15:01 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

From: Michael Tresca <talien at toast.net>

> D'oh!  Okay, going forward, I'll be sure to ignore the opinions of
> anyone who plays a MMORPG and is:

>   1) a developer
>   2) game designer
>   3) industry critic
>   4) consultant
>   5) role-players...

> because they don't represent the "average" player.  Hmm, that
> pretty much invalidates everyone's opinion on here. >:)

Y'know, Mike, that wasn't my point.

You said there were players screaming and yelling about art versus
entertainment.  "And no wonder."

The thing is, I *am* a hardcore MMO enthusiast, and an active
participant in all sorts of MMOs.  I have played more hours of AO,
AC, EQ, DAoC, UO and Lineage than (I'd estimate) all of the people I
work with *combined* - probably more than any one of them than all
the people I work with, *combined*.  I am an member of
moderate-sized guilds, *currently*, in 2 to 4 of those games, as the
spirit moves me.

I subscribe to TONS of mailing lists, many of which are
game-specific mailing lists for games which I don't even play any
more.  I read the newsgroups for every MMO that exists, whether I
play or have played it or not.

So, ok, from that perspective, hardcore geek online boy with no life
perspective, I feel like I'm "plugged in".

Gamers are screaming and yelling about art versus entertainment?
No, Mike, other than Jessica's rant about how bad PKs were in UO 3
years ago, they are not.

Or if they are, then they are doing it very, very, very quietly.

'Cause otherwise I would hear them, I think.

Want to point me to a forum I've missed?

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