[MUD-Dev] non-'realistic' spatial models

Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt hhs at cbs.dtu.dk
Fri Dec 21 13:20:54 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

On Thu, 20 Dec 2001, Nicholas E. Walker wrote:

> There is a lot of discussion on rooms vs. coordinate systems and
> related topics.  This focuses on how best to model our reality in
> a game.  I am interested in different types of spaces.  I am less
> interested in 'fake reality' than I am in intuitive and
> interesting spaces to explore.
> As an open question to the list: has anybody done anything that
> does not attempt to be 'real'?  Surreal, abstract, fractal spaces,
> and anything else not 'real' qualifies.

I know that many location-based MUD's mess up directions of a series
of rooms with the intent of creating a maze. As examples; exits that
lead back to a location, or going in one direction, and then the
opposite direction will not take you back to the first room.  Does
this qualify?

> Isn't it more interesting to experience a type of space that we
> cannot experience in daily life, instead of getting frustrated
> with the limits on how we can experience the fake reality of the
> MUD?  Maybe I'm looking for a MUD that accepts the fact that it is
> a MUD, a computer program--instead of some crude model of reality.

Usually such mazes irritate the players beyond description. It all
depends on the goal. If youre looking to experience an Escher-isque
world, i guess but not everyone is looking to experience that.

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