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Fri Dec 21 13:46:39 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Michael Tresca wrote:
> Koster, Raph posted on Wednesday, December 19, 2001 10:47 AM
>> That's not a player, that's an industry critic and consultant. :)
> D'oh!  Okay, going forward, I'll be sure to ignore the opinions of
> anyone who plays a MMORPG and is:
>   1) a developer
>   2) game designer
>   3) industry critic
>   4) consultant
>   5) role-players...
> because they don't represent the "average" player.  Hmm, that
> pretty much invalidates everyone's opinion on here. >:)

Ignoring their opinions is going too far... But I think there's a
lot to be said for putting them in perspective.  The folks you
mentioned above (the first four at least) are not typical players;
their knowledge, interest, and desires are far from typical.  It's
common to confuse developers with users/players (and by no means
just in the games industry), but this is a fast way to make a
product that serves the needs of a narrow set of people, and is
impenetrable to the majority of potential users.

Mike Sellers
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