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> Lastly, there's those pesky Jedi. They're barely balanceable. So
> we're making them extremely rare (and no, I'm not going to say
> how, not even here.  ;) and we're going ahead and giving them the
> power. They're gonna be superbeings, and if you see one, run.

Out of curiousity, is there going to be staff oversight? What if
someone makes Jedi, then becomes an arse.. can/will the staff remove
them and/or their Jedi status?

In some ways, I view this as balance. Give some players more power
over others, but balance it with them having rules and others they
are accountable to. 'Who watches the watchmen?' In a shadowrun LARP
[Digital Dragon 2.0, for those who care ;)], I played one of the
characters I've ever had the most fun with. I was a very strong
mage, however, I'd kept it secret, due to the fact that I was
inheriting and moving up the corporate ladder. So I spent the game
as a corp, wheeling and dealing, plotting and defending. All the
while knowing that I was one of the more powerful characters in the
game, but had to solve my problems without it.

Sure, all the characters in a LARP aren't balanced in power with
each other, nor do they need to be. But each character should have
some balance against themselves. Thus, Boffo could be more powerful
than Buffy, but Boffo is under more restrictions.


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