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Sun Dec 23 00:35:12 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Ola Fosheim Grøstad wrote:
> Matt Mihaly wrote:

>> Absolutely. That is why people are sports fanatics. Their
>> experience isn't one of sets of discrete games played for a
>> couple hours. The follow stories that last for years or decades
>> (why else would anyone follow the Cubs?) They check ESPN.com for
>> the latest news on their favourite characters, and participate by
>> endless discussion of the most trivial (to an outsider) details
>> of the story.

> This sounds more like soap. ;)

It is in a sense.  Every sports fanatic has their favorite players,
their dream teams, and shared tales and experiences.  And there's
also a sizable interest in games based on team sports.  The most
successful console games are the ones which have license to use the
team and player names, most come with historic teams, most now have
a dream team construction set.  Sports fanatics over here also have
paper & pencil type games which have migrated onto the internet.
They're known as fantasy baseball leagues or football leagues.  They
way they work is each player drafts a roster of current players and
the game runs concurrently with the real baseball or football
season.  The actual player stats are used as input to formulas that
calculate the overall success of one's fantasy league team.

Anyways baseball and football history in the US has achieved a
status of mythological proportions with it's pantheon of heroes and
villains.  It's no accident that a common conversational ice-breaker
among American males (mostly) is "How 'bout dem Bears?" or "Didja
see dem Lakers?"  It's also no accident that most fights in bars
(aka pubs) are related to sports arguments.  I just read an article
about some guys head exploding in Jamaica while arguing who was the
better boxer, Ali or Frazier. :-P (news of the weird)

I imagine soccer (European or SOuth American football) has much of
the same amount of "soap" and attendant fanaticism elsewhere.

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