[MUD-Dev] Continuous versus Discrete Functions

Jon Lambert tychomud at ix.netcom.com
Sun Dec 23 00:48:10 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

John Buehler wrote:
> Andrew Hefford writes:
>> I don't think this would help much since players will simply
>> start complaining about the imbalance of there class with respect
>> to what another class can do in the game environment.  It is
>> inevitable that players will find fault, it is the Game
>> Developers job to make sure they are baseless.

>> If you create a level playing field they will complain that the
>> game is boring and leave.  If on the other hand the game has
>> bumps and troughs then the players will still complain, but find
>> things a little more interesting as they strive to find ways to
>> maneuver themselves out of one of the troughs and onto one of the
>> bumps.  The art is making it seem as if there are more bumps than
>> troughs and that the player is more often on the bumps.
> I'm seeing a generally status-quo-centric attitute here.  That
> games are intrinsically about achievement and competition.  That
> without them, players will be bored.  Are players only about
> achievement and competition?  Given that they've only had
> multiplayer games about competition and achievement, it's a pretty
> hard question to answer.  If anyone has experience with
> multiplayer entertainment that pursued other avenues of
> entertainment, I'd be interested in hearing about it.

Even in a bare-bones IRC chatroom with pure story-telling RP going
on, it's all about peer status, applause, acclaim and recognition.
Sure even non-violent story-telling is competitive.  I think it says
something about human nature moreso than just a status-quo attitude
of this group.  :-?

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