[MUD-Dev] Continuous versus Discrete Functions

John Buehler johnbue at email.msn.com
Sun Dec 23 11:55:06 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

Jon Lambert writes:

> Even in a bare-bones IRC chatroom with pure story-telling RP going
> on, it's all about peer status, applause, acclaim and recognition.
> Sure even non-violent story-telling is competitive.  I think it
> says something about human nature moreso than just a status-quo
> attitude of this group.  :-?

This list is ostensibly a bare-bones IRC chatroom.  Is this all
about peer status, etc?  Certainly I'd love to develop a reputation
as an intelligent man in another circle of people, but my primary
goal here is to learn, and to prod those with experience in game
design into considering question that I myself consider.

I'm sure competition can be found anywhere that you find a group of
people assembled, but the *focus* on competition is really the
point.  That is the status quo attitude that I find - and that I
find so disheartening.  It's a bit like sex and violence in
entertainment.  It's done because it's so simple and easy to get a
reaction from those that you are trying to reach.  Going beyond is
more challenging, but also more satisfying for all concerned.


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