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Jon Lambert tychomud at ix.netcom.com
Mon Dec 24 05:55:15 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001

the_sage2000 at juno.com wrote:
> This is a very controversial subject.  I'm not sure if this list
> has discussed this before, but, honestly, it's something that
> should be addressed.  A lot of MUDs forbid sexual activity on
> their MUDs, while some encourage it.  How are you going to have a
> real RPG without the option of having sex with someone?

Go find a game or start one that supports it.  There are some that
do and some that don't.  Your question implies you think it is
something required of a 'real' RPG.  I would disagree with that.

Of the hundreds of RP storys/scenes I've participated in, or RP
campaigns I've run in a P&P setting, none involved explicit sexual
activity.  Though quite a few may have contained implications,
innuendo, references or were connected to such events that were
off-screen.  I don't consider those diminished in any way nor would
consider it an enhancement even.  Meaning I personally, would shy
away from role-playing and refereeing such a scene.

> A lot of MUDs today are battling over which one is the closest to
> what a human can actually do, yet they still don't have the simple
> option of having sex.

Yes there are muds that are into implementing immersive realism. And
as always it depends on what the staff is interested in
implementing.  As far as this being highly competitive, if so, it's
strange they'd totally ignore such a "hot" feature.  Maybe they,
whoever they are, don't consider a big draw.  I don't know. I know
most of the rest of the internet is saturated with what they call

> Now, I realize that A lot of people from the age of 8-17 are
> playing MUDs these days (hell, some at the age of 8 are coding on
> MUDs!), but you can always have warning signs before they enter
> your MUD (yeah, right, like that's going to stop 'em).  And, what
> if you get gripped at by other MUDs?

Griped at by other MUDs?  I don't understand.  I've never had
another mud's staff logging into my game to tell me what I should
implement or not implement.  But if I did I probably wouldn't pay
them much mind.  I do have players logging in asking for features,
some they've seen and liked on other muds.  In all my years, I've
never been asked to implement sex though.  Although there was some
odd ideas involving sheep I'd rather not get into.

> Should you actually code it into the MUD?  Or just let them
> roleplay and say when someone confronts you about it say, "I can't
> stop them!"?

Coded sex? *rofl*  

As if we could even code bad roleplay let alone good roleplay.

Or maybe you mean code it as in some mechanical way like we do
eating and defecation?  Some of us do have our NPCs having
reproductive sex.  Mine do it in the depths of the code, where
nobody can see them.  I don't want to see them out on the mud
humping either.  I don't think our players do, but I could be wrong
on that too.  If I am too bad.
> Anyone else have something to add to this topic?

What's the controversy exactly?

Is this something about minors, muds and sex?

If so, my own personal opinion is that muds that allow or encourage
sexual behavior should clearly indicate that and take action to
prevent minors from accessing their game.  And if I was lord and
master of the earth, it would be one of the many thousands of
onerous regulations and ordinances you'd have to comply with (one
the less memorable ones).  But since I'm not, the world is pretty
lucky in that regard and can breath a sigh of relief.  It does
however remain my opinion, and worth about a tinker's damn.  ;-)

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