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On Sunday 23 December 2001 1:05, the_sage2000 at juno.com wrote:

> This is a very controversial subject.  I'm not sure if this list
> has discussed this before, but, honestly, it's something that
> should be addressed.  A lot of MUDs forbid sexual activity on
> their MUDs, while some encourage it.  How are you going to have a
> real RPG without the option of having sex with someone?

One could just as well ask, "How are you going to have movies
without anyone ever having sex?"  Yet, outside of porno films, you
never actually *see* sex in any movie.

There's a lot of territory between "no sex" and "no actual
depictions of someone having sex".  You could follow the old-style
movie model, where we know that people are having sex, but you're
never shown them in the bedroom.  You can have the more modern TV
style, where we see people in the bedroom before and after sex, but
don't actually see them while they're having sex.  You can have the
"softcore porn" model, where there are people who are obviously
supposed to be having sex, but no actual sex is shown.

[snip a bit]

> Should you actually code it into the MUD? Or just let them
> roleplay and say when someone confronts you about it say, "I can't
> stop them!"?

What would you actually code in?  Are you proposing that muds have
characters get pregnant and have children?

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