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Veynom veynom at swcombine.com
Wed Dec 26 17:43:42 New Zealand Daylight Time 2001


I would like your opinions and constructive comments about a combat
system I developed (on theory for now) for my simulation. Before
exposing the theory, I will summarize some of our Sim
characteristics as these are implying some of my choices.

  1/ This is a persistent world where the players try to play for
  the long run. They do not want to die after 2 min.

  2/ The world is unique and people of all over the world are
  playing in it, in the SAME game, even if they do not always meet
  due to time difference.

  3/ Players are mostly grouped into structured and hierarchysed
  factions, meaning a group takes care of its own men.

  4/ All actions last a real time (traveling can last up to 1

Now, the theory.

I refused to use a turn by turn system as all other actions are real
time or scaled real time (last shorter or longer).

I can not use a full real time system or a logged player could kill
a non-logged player within a few minutes and months of work could be
put to trash (yes, some of our avatars have over 3 years).

So I decided to use a "delayed real time" system. It works as real
time but the "reload" time of weapons (or time between 2 shots or
hits) last a few hours (from 2 to 12h)

That's it. What do you think of this?  For a detailed review of the
current rules advancement about combats in our Sim, you can refer



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