[MUD-Dev] NEWS: mooix beta 1 released (successor to perlmoo)

Joey Hess joey at kitenet.net
Mon Apr 1 11:28:22 New Zealand Daylight Time 2002

Fred Clift wrote:

> So I logged in -- played with the toy duck for a minute or two.  I
> also read some of your documentation -- it looks quite
> interesting.  Do you have any qualitive feelings about
> performance?  It seems that there is a possibly double-fork
> overhead for each command?

Per method, yes.

> for each bit of state-change in the world?

Per property change, no.

> I'm just curious how big of a world you think you could build with
> this.

There'd be few limits on the size of a world since it is disk
based. The number of concurrent users scales worse than most muds
for processor time. I'd not want to see more than 20 on the current
testbed server (PII 300); it's behaved acceptably with 10.

> Would you be better off restricting the possible langugaes your
> code is in and embedding an interpreter for the language?  ie
> embed perl and evaluage all the different object's perl in that
> interpreter -- seems you would avoid all of the perl startup
> overhead...

I think that could be done, the perl process would have to fork and
setuid to the correct user id to run each method though, and then
load up the method code and compile it, there's no getting around
that. If that happened in less than the 0.02 seconds it takes perl
to bring up the typical moo method then it'd be a win. I'd rather
just rewrite critical paths in C.

see shy jo
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