[MUD-Dev] Alternatives to Permadeath

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Mon Apr 1 13:43:52 New Zealand Daylight Time 2002

On Wed, 2002-03-27 at 17:28, Jon Leonard wrote:

> I've been pondering Dr. Bartles statement that a game means more
> with Permadeath in it, in that it is not longer possible to
> achieve the highest level (or whatever) merely by persistence.

I'm sure that permadeath or something near would give a real
intensity to any mud or mmorpg.

We thought about it, but as said someone here, with a "get out of
jail free" cards. Actually since it's in a futuristic world, it
would be a matrix persona save, or something like that... Which
could be more or less expensive, to loose less or more xp&co. And of
course the saving must be done *before* death, and - why not - is
degrading with time.

So it would at least avoid the player rushing into the battle,
dying, rushing into the battle again...

But we have a great dilemna about newbies&PK. Actually in our world,
as a futuristic one, a good gun can kill in one shot most of the
people even if the gun's holder is a newbie and the victim is an
experienced person... having all it's xp in 'lockpicking' won't make
him more bullet resistant.

The point is that the killer, here, is a newbie and doesn't mind
dying, even permanently... but the victim can be very very angry
about this...

A workaround would be to make a "starting" place, where newbies
without a little quest or something can't go out... so that they now
price of death :)

But it's not really easy to do, and it won't resolve all the


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