[MUD-Dev] Alternatives to Permadeath

shren shren at io.com
Mon Apr 1 14:39:07 New Zealand Daylight Time 2002

On 1 Apr 2002, T o F wrote:

> But we have a great dilemna about newbies&PK. Actually in our
> world, as a futuristic one, a good gun can kill in one shot most
> of the people even if the gun's holder is a newbie and the victim
> is an experienced person... having all it's xp in 'lockpicking'
> won't make him more bullet resistant.

I think you need to reconsider the whole "guns in any hand kill
players" concept.  Realism is great, and all, and we all *love*
realism (wee bit sarcasm), but this may be taking it too far.  Not
everyone in your mud (unless it's very private) is going to have
real respect for what's going on.  I know I've logged into many muds
for less than 4 hours of play time.  Take a slightly malignant
version of me, and I log in, play for 4 hours, and then go on a
killing spree before I decide to quit forever.

Have you considered having a "hitpoint-like" quantity that
represents the target's tactical position?  Initial damage is
deducted from this, and represents ducking behind tables and
avoiding the shooter.  When it runs out you're cornered, get shot,
and die.  Or it zeros as soon as you fire.  That gives you a
"period-accurate" alternative to, "bang, you're dead.", and assures
that the target at least gets to fire back if they want.



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