[MUD-Dev] Black Snow: The sky is falling?

Robert A. Rice Jr. robert at zreality.com
Mon Apr 1 20:55:21 New Zealand Daylight Time 2002

Has anyone given any thought to forming a coalition of MMOG
developers to give voice to our opinions to the court? Expert
witnesses, "friends of the court", whatever. It is fairly obvious
(to me anyway) that there is the -potential- for a negative reaction
in the industry to a pro-BSI ruling, and if it could be as
devastating and detrimental as some of us here believe, than
shouldn't we be getting involved or at least being very very vocal
about it?

And, so what if there is a pro-BSI ruling...it can be appealed, or
counter-suits can be filed. In any case, there is always hope that
the judge is halfway intelligent and can see that there are far
reaching implications to his/her decision, so they are unlikely to
make a radical decision. Keep in mind also that Judges are very
hesitant to make an unprecedented ruling...they will look for
previous decisions and base their ruling on those. Has anyone
compiled research on past litigations? I seem to remember hearing
about a suit once where a player sued a company for the
banning/erasure of his character...and won (I could be wrong, but I
think they had to pay him for the time he invested in developing the

Personally I dont think the sky will fall and the industry will
implode and die overnight from a pro-BSI ruling, but I do feel that
the potential for damage is there and we should be doing more than
ranting about the "what ifs" and analogies on this list.

Just my two cents.

Robert A. Rice, Jr.
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