[MUD-Dev] Black Snow Revisited

Fred Clift fred at clift.org
Tue Apr 2 13:25:59 New Zealand Daylight Time 2002

I agree with the reasononing of almost all of your carefully
considered and well-thought-out posting.

On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote:

> that. When Mythic goes around disrupting your life outside the
> game, that is harassment and they do not have a right to do that.

I dont think this is quite accurate.  If Mythic decided to 'make a
business relationship' with ebay for instance, I dont think that is
following you around and harassing you.  In particular ebay has
stated it's interest to work with any company or individual who
feels it's rights are being violated by auctions they host.  Such
companies and induviduals theoretically must show ebay that they do
indeed have those rights, but this is up to ebay and it's acceptable
usage policy.  In particular ebay has fully and completely covered
their butts on this one I think by saying that they can pretty much
take any disputed auction down, at their discretion.

So, while perhaps Mythic shouldn't 'follow you around and harass
you' - ie actively try and see out all interactions you have with
others to enforce their contract with oyu - they _can_ have
employees hang out in public semi-private/semi-public places like
ebay and ask the property owners to evict you.

Using someone's 'pub' or 'bar' analogy, if a bar owner had a deal
with the football stadium next door to only serve customers comming
from the stadium, it would be within the owner's rights to do so, I
think. (well, we've stretched this analogy all out of proportion and
heck it seems like it would be ok :).  So the stadium sends an
employee over to the pub to check for ticket-stubs on the way in, or
assists an employee of the pub in doing the same thing, etc...

Given all the ranting I've done lately, I do hasten to add that I'm
not a lawyer, and on top of that, I suck at basic logic and
reasoning some times.  This is all what I personally would view as
OK, and my poor NAL interpretation of law.


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