[MUD-Dev] Re: Black Snow Revisited

Matt Mihaly the_logos at achaea.com
Tue Apr 2 16:52:49 New Zealand Daylight Time 2002

On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote:

> When my wife and I were still dating a few years ago, I used to
> occasionally get off work and drive to Oregon so I could see her
> before the weekend. Then we would go to a hotel, since she was
> living with her mother, and we would generally have
> sex. Afterward, I would need to leave almost immediately to get
> back up to Washington in time to shower and change before work,
> and she would usually be asleep -- so I would leave money on the
> dresser. In the morning, she would take the money, check out, and
> go home.
> So is your analogy flawed, or is my wife a whore?
> Think carefully, now. Imagine that I am standing right in front of
> you ready to bash your face in if I don't like your answer. Makes
> the question a lot harder, doesn't it?

That depends on intent. If you were paying her for sex, then she's a
whore. However, as it's the intent that matters, and as I doubt she
was trading money for sex, it seems unlikely that she'd be
accurately labeled a whore.

Blacksnow's intent is easy to discern. Taking perceived intent into
consideration is nothing new. It seems to really wind some of you up

> Yes, and they do: they have a say in the part of the transaction
> that takes place on their server. END OF STORY. They do NOT have a
> say in whether I offer to sell things or accept money for things
> that *will* happen on their server. If they want to stop me, they
> have to stop me ON THEIR SERVER. Not on eBay. If they cannot stop
> me, or elect not to stop me, then I do not get stopped -- and an
> inability or unwillingness to do what you have the right to do
> does NOT give you any right to do something else you are able or
> willing to do.

Actually, you do get stopped. This is the case in point. Really, I'd
think it'd be Ebay you'd be pissed at, since Ebay is the one that
removed the listings, not Mythic. Mythic is (no offence) an
insignificantly sized company compared to Ebay. I'm pretty sure
they're not in a position to bully Ebay into doing anything.


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