[MUD-Dev] [DGN] [NEWBIE] Suggestions on (OO) Server Design.

Pure Krome muddev at world-domination.com.au
Wed Apr 3 17:32:44 New Zealand Daylight Time 2002

Hello Mud-Dev list.

I'm new to the list, so i'll start by apologising if this thread has
been raised a number of times.


  I'm trying to construct an OO server design for your standard
  run-o-the-mill mud, with a MySQL Database Backend.

  I'm assuming this concept has been risen a few times [1], so I'm
  wondering if anyone would have any links to some 'successful'
  mud-dev threads, where this has been discussed.

  To start the ball rolling, I've been trying to get my head around
  the concept that in a mud, the objects, NPC's, PC's and even rooms
  are all derived from a THING, and broken down into more
  specialised children as you go down.  I'm wondering if other
  people have designed such muds being this abstract, yet working?

   Thanks in advance to anyone for any support, ideas and critisisms.

-Pure Krome-

[1] reading the Mud-Dev FAQ 


I noticed the following Server Design topics listed:

 * Database design for a server
 * DBs and Events
 * Using SQL databases
 * Persistent storage
 * DevMud Database Design
 * OO Multithreaded Mud Programming Languages
 * Using MySQL in a Mud

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