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--On Wednesday, April 3, 2002 8:46 AM -0800 John Buehler 
<johnbue at msn.com> wrote:
> Tammie Gorzelsky wrote:

>> In contrast, the data of game pieces, such as characters and the
>> objects they manipulate, ONLY have meaning when considered in the
>> context of the game. For example, if I really really wanted to, I
>> could write down all of the information for a specific item,
>> including all of it's stats and descriptions. But without the
>> rest of the game world, that item no longer means the same
>> thing. In losing its context, it's lost the meaning it once
>> had. IMO, that's what motivates some of the comments about
>> putting the data on a disk and sending it to the
>> complainers. Without the game world, the data is effectively
>> useless for the purposes to which it had been put.

> Just to set this 'detachment argument' to rest, any data can be
> extracted and reused.  I don't care how arcane the data.  It can
> be reused.  I don't care how arcane the format.  It can be reused.
> This means that a character's data can be extracted from the game
> and placed into another game and the character continues on there.

Huh? What? I *guarantee* you if I export /players/s/soulsinger.o to
the EverQuest database, nothing good will happen. And also, I think
Brian Hook would tie me to the nearest tree and beat me until candy
came out.

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