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Mon Apr 8 23:52:04 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

"Caliban Tiresias Darklock" <caliban at darklock.com> wrote:

> There is, however, no way to distinguish between a legitimate
> exchange and a forbidden exchange between two players -- UNLESS
> you go meddling around in your players' private lives. And Mythic
> does not have the right to do that.  You can't forbid people to do
> things that you can't control. I have a right to say "you can't
> curse in my house", and I have a right to say "people that curse
> aren't allowed in my house", and I even have a right to throw you
> out of my house if I find out that you cursed... but I DON'T have
> a right to follow you around to see whether you curse.

Certainly you do, within reasonable limits.

Private investigators make a living doing exactly this, completely

Amanda Walker
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