[MUD-dev] Fun in Games

Trickey Trickey
Wed Apr 10 11:07:36 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Just a quick response:

>   "Fun is the primary and key component of games."

This is true, but if you get too literal about it the sentence loses
its meaning. Basically, something's "fun" if it made the game worth

When talking about games, "fun" is like the reverse of "snow" with
the eskimos: "fun" is the one word for two hundred different
things. If a game scares me, it's fun. If it intrigues me, it's
fun. If it makes me cry, it's fun. If I physically enjoy playing it
because it gives me an adrenaline rush, it's fun.  And so on.

The statement, "Fun is the primary and key component of games,"
isn't so much talking about fun as a specific emotion or method as
it's saying, "Your primary goal is to make the player feel the game
was worth playing." That's all. It's not saying, "All games must
make people laugh," or anything like that. It's just a reminder:
make people glad they played your game.

We could get all cerebral about it, but that would kill the fun ;)

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